Welcome to MaryEllen’s Creations

MaryEllen’s Creations began in 2006 when I was looking for the manufacturer of a beaded bookmark, but could not find any information about the company for the one I had brought home with me to show my boss.

You see, at the time I was a buyer for an independent bookstore in northern Minnesota. I had gone  on a trip to Chicago came across a display of beaded, book thong style, bookmarks in a bookseller down there. The beaded bookmarks were really pretty and unique, something I knew customers in our store would really like. I chose one from the dozens offered on display at the big box bookstore I was in and brought it home, expecting to easily find the company making them, but that was not to be.

I really liked the idea of adding these pretty beaded bookmarks to our store’s selection. While wandering in the beading aisle of our local craft store local craft store enjoying the variety of beads colors and designs I realized that I could try to make them myself. So with a few beads, a length of waxed linen cord, and a rough idea I started playing around and creating unique book thong style, beaded bookmarks.

I brought them into the store to see what the owner and my co-workers thought and they loved them! Starting with a dozen different beadmarks, we displayed them with our other bookmarks and our customers really enjoyed them. As time went on one of the book reps that contacted us for several publishing houses noticed them when he visited and asked about offering them to other bookstores. I said yes and MaryEllen’s Creations was born!

As a knitter and crocheter, I have also experimented with creating patterns for a variety of items. The best of those creations will also be available here.